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I just wrote this love song July 2010. It means that people you love cannot be replaced. All vocals and hand played keyboard, Lekzee.
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July 12, 2010
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Story behind the song
I saw this picture of Michael Landon and found the picture to be a romantic one. So I decided to write a lovesong. He and Leonard Nimoy are my favorite male actors.
LOVE IS YOU Lyrics and Music by Lekzee Patrick July 2010 Verse One: You pour out your heart to me, all the time. And listening is so, so easy, you were always mine. I tell you my troubles too, all that I went through. I should have listened to you, You're so wise. BRIDGE: Every time I think of you. I know everything you said was true. No one knows me like you do. Love Is You, I wish that I, could feel, your loving touch again. Yes, it's true, Love is You. Love is you. INTRO again..... Verse Two: I walk through eternity, with you by my side. You're forever in my heart, our arms open wide. I want to hold you in my arms, You always keep me safe from harm. Oh, how I miss your kiss, Love is you.
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