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Simple As The Falling Rain
Karma exists and it does work....all you have to do, is....let it be!
Acoustic - Acoustic Rock
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Wade Farlowe
December 24, 2006
May 29, 2009
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Story behind the song
I was just contemplating about how things don't work whenever I'd try force a situation in the direction I wanted and how when I'd just let it fall where it may, things just worked out....Simple As The Falling Rain.
Simple as the Falling Rain Sunday, December 24, 2006 Wade Farlowe (SFX) Fades in Em A2 repeats till Em7 Cadd9 AEm Em Cadd9 A2 When you are first born, you're beaten till you cry G C Am You're brought into this world without knowing the reason why Em Cadd9 A2 Whatever you do and whatever you may say GC Am Goes into action and come back what may Em Cadd9 A2 Use your head and know what your heart can bring G C Am Know your heart and your mind can sing Em7 Cadd9 A Simple as the falling rain In the game of life, you struggle and you strain Some things are pleasure and some are just pain Forecastin life's weather comes in all good time Calculated from watching the signs Signs you lay like bricks in your life Build your house; it can fall with the night Simple as the falling rain (Break) Em7 Cadd9 A Simple as the falling reign Study in the light and let the shadows fall Don't seek them out, don't make that call Stand on your own feet, for whatever you may strive Cause in the end, no one gets out alive Whatever you say and whatever you may do Can do unto others, but will come back at you Use your heart and know what your head can bring Know your mind and your heart can sing Simple as the falling rain
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