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In Peace & Love
This song is From Wade Farlowe, dedicated to his friends ~ES~ Jim Fay& Jamey Darnold and all his Soundclick friends....Thanks Wade.
Alternative - Experimental
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Wade Farlowe
July 16, 2008
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1:06 minutes
Story behind the song
Peace & Love : )
In Peace & Love Saturday, July 05, 2008 Wade Farlowe E It’s broken now, its broken now E F#m A E But we can fix it, we can fix it E We’re haggard now, with a weathered brow E F#m7 Am E But we can heal it, we can heal it A B All for one and all shares a hand A B A brotherhood of peace for man G#m F#m7 To live and let live together Am In peace E And love
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