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I used a drum loop, bell, and I sang all of the vocals. It's about an ancient religion thousands of years BC. I read many antique books.
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April 09, 2008
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Story behind the song
Zeta Reticuli is a binary star system located about 39 light years away from Earth. It is located in the constellation Reticulum, and is visible to the unaided eye under very dark skies. Because of the southerly location of the system, it is not visible north of the tropics. It's about an Ancient Religion.
All Lyrics,Music,and Vocal Arrangement Written By LEKZEE PATRICK March 2008 Published with Deddfrimaizence Music,Inc, Nashville,TN. "MISSION RAPTURE EARTH" CHORUS: Come with me into forever, I'll show you Eternity. You'll feel light, like a white Swan's feather. Drifting through Infinity. VERSE1: Blue myst is the wall around you, Time is gone, there is no age. Overwhelming peace inside you. As you enter Crystal Caves. REPEAT CHORUS............................... BRIDGE: While you're standing on The Moon, Tell me what you feel. As you hear pink Roses bloom, Understand it's real. (it's real, so real) 2nd BRIDGE: Ah-ah-ah-ah Come along with me , we'll camp on the Moon for awhile. VERSE 2: Shadows come alive and dance, As the Angel sings. Wheels of fortune set you down, Upon an Angel's Wings.(Angels' Wings) VERSE 3: You'll hear songs that have never been heard by a human ear. Sannder Dannder D' Auune's Euphoria is waiting here. Goa' Uld's coming down to The Earth, while we are gone. Tei-Tei-Tei's Trumpets, cause, I had to wait so long. Ah-ah-ah, Ah-ah-ah.
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