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CD 'Eklektika' A native flavoured instrumental song with multi-genre elements floating in space.
Single - $1.00
Album - $10.00
World - World Fusion
Charts #1 in subgenre today
Previous peak charts position #1
Evan Paul Kozaris
January 24, 2008
MP3 3.3 MB
192 kbps bitrate
3:35 minutes
Story behind the song
When I first went online with my music, I met a lot of friends of which one was John DeBoer. He is an amazing artist, with an incredible repertoire of songs in different genres, different instrumentations, he has lately settled into creating, playing and teaching the Native flute. He reviewed my "Spirits in the Sky" CD and I thought he hit it dead on (see review). I see him as a very spiritual leader so with my outmost respect for the Native culture, I dedicate this song to my friend, "John DeBoer". Please visit John and relax to the amazing Native flute.
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