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The Persian Wars in ancient Greece, 490-479 BC. Twin-guitar overture. (09:34min) Full Hi-Fi MP3 Now Available!
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Metal - Heavy Metal
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Kelly McKee
(c.) -Kelly McKee; BMI
September 08, 2008
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9:34 minutes
Story behind the song
The Persian Wars in ancient Greece, 490-479 BC. Twin-guitar overture. I wanted to compose about the Persian Wars, in which Greece defends itself against an invading army and navy led by Xerxes; because this period of time directly preceeds the 'Golden Age' of ancient Greece when the world's first democracy came into being and the greatest heights of intellectual and artistic achievement of the classical world, were reached. The Golden Age only lasted about 100 years, but it would change world history forever. In fact, a line of connection can be drawn from the Golden Age, to the 'Enlightenment' period, when the United States was founded. Golden age thinkers and historians had an influence on Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin; and the US capital is a neoclassical capital in architecture. The Greek forces, comprised of 'Hoplites' who carried sword and shield with some on horses, defended their mainland valiantly at the battles of Marathon and Thermopylae, and finally defeated the greater Persian forces in a naval battle at Salamis, near Athens on the coast. The winning of the Persian Wars was what allowed allowed the Greek culture to continue to develop and flourish. For this recording, I used the only rare instrument that I own, and one of the rarest guitars ever made, a Gibson Heritage Limited Issue Korina Explorer. It is one of less than 125 made circa 1981. The instrument was originally painted white, but has aged to yellow, and has an Indian Rosewood fretboard lending a unique sound to this recording.
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