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The Skater's Waltz (LesPatineurs
This is a piece that everyone knows. Waldteufel's music dominated Balls at Buckingham Palace. This is Trick T. Olly at Buckingham Palace.
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Charles Emile Waldteufel (1837-1915)
Patrick T. Connolly
October 21, 2006
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Story behind the song
The Skater's Waltz is just a piece that everyone knows and I know little of and I was just doing it to learn harmonica. I started doing this recording of it from just a little scrap of harmonica music in which the middle was not very accurate. The music teacher at my former school, Ms. Ito, gave me a better arrangement for a primary school band and I did get a bit of that in. Although it may not be up to primary school standards I hope you will enjoy listening. I started off the intro with my fake Austrian accent because I did not even realize, at the time, that it was in the forgotten tradition of the French waltz. This music actually does hit closer to me in that one of my great grandmothers was born in Paris 1859 and grew very much into the music scene there. For several years Waldteufel's music dominated the programmes of Queen Victoria�s State Balls at Buckingham Palace, generating for him worldwide fame. Thus I have posted a too small picture of Trick T. Olly at Buckingham Palace to go along with this mp3 music. Some sites about Waldteufel are; http://www.naxos.com/mainsite/default.asp?pn=Composers&char=W&ComposerID=1104 http://emilewaldteufel.free.fr/tradition_eng.htm
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