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Lac Ste Anne
Come on over all the natives are friends...
HipHop - Christian Rap
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Layne Boman
Ratchet Radio Productions 2020
August 18, 2020
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HOOK OOOOOOOOOuuuhhh goooody We went right in, Pulled up to the site so the fun can begin Alot of sinners gathered where they could not sin Come on over all the natives here are friends Lac st anne Lac st anne Always chinqued like japan Yo at lac lac st anne Lac st anne Lac st anne Got holy water from lac st anne VERSE 1 Lac st anne always made me feel so stray Every time my kokum said that we headin up that way Theres a lot of natives there so you better watch out The natives on the block just like negros down south It wasnt all bad tho, yo i had a few times where a spit a few rhymes to reveal my true crimes We got stopped but this group of natives from another block They said they like what they hearing dont ever stop They words i spit hit like rocks, it made their breath stop Espically when the girl with them made a rest stop She said boy stop, you look real cute, but i could tell she had no attitude for me to make a move So we kept on kept going, lil krazy kept on flowing Karl, Darnell and Darrion kept on stolling It didnt really matter where these kids are going All they really knew is that time will keep on rolling Break off in the night, yo the cops patrolling Seen them on their overgrown bikes they mowing We didnt give two fs about the cops we kept rolling They see me rolling, they hatin, fry piggies like bacon While they dance to satan, yo motha f satan! He never play this, satan and his cracked out minions gonna hate this Im gonna make damn sure satan aint rulling on your playlist! VERSE 2 I remember times at the lac st anne strong I remember those times at the lake playing them songs We could never do wrong, it was like a sing a long Do you see that neechi honey in the bright red thong? Its time to roll up, by the shrine we holdup Passin neechis say whats up, never leave our time is up If we need some trees, there was many passin by So much smoke i couldnt see the sky First got asked if i need some weed, But i didnt wanna buy more no didnt have no greed Second got asked if i wanna smoke weed I said no man i got some trees Third got asked where to buy smoke smoke ask that first neechi he had some bro I remember when we first got to lac st anne We needed maryjane need to think of a master plan I seen the brother braxton yo braxton yo the man He told us where to get smoke, cant wait to get toked All i wanna do is walk around high laughing at jokes Until he told us the place where we gotta go, He pointed to this little kid just sitting down the road He told me to ask the little mans for some trees no toad He sold them joints, little boy did with ease I said you craze, he said native please