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Urban - Neo-Soul
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Copyright 2020 - JESUS OLDMAN
July 28, 2020
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Story behind the song
Same as pretty much all of them then... bleed into a microphone, you get good at it.
DEVOTION There's a light That guides my way Out here on my own And it comforts me when I'm alone Just trying to find my way home To the ocean of emotion And the woman who'll bring me Sweet... Devotion Never thought I'd wait so long 60 years and it don't seem right Couples passing by laughing at me Enjoying the birds and the bees Have I been issued demotion? Is there one girl with sweet... Devotion Where do you go When no one wants you no more Who can I be When no one give a damn for me Stand right here Look in my face and see Yes these tears are real I say just what I feel -Orchestral break (they all went out and had a ciggie)- There's a world Where I belong Where they don't treat me like I'm a blight Will I find it? And I never do know But oh... I did love you When I held you close to me Saw eternity But I never knew the score You were looking for more Than an ocean of emotion... You just didn't feel for me... Devotion Copyright 2020 - JESUS OLDMAN
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