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MAHAL (Nashville)
I wrote this song for my wife Rose for her 52nd Birthday! MAHAL
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Country - Traditional Country
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Dave Meyers USA
June 29, 2020
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Story behind the song
I Wrote this song for my wife's 52'nd Birthday! Recorded by: Mark Riddick Productions (markriddickproductions.com) Featuring Ron Walls: lead vocals
MAHAL (Chorus) Mahal, Mahal--The Queen of all Queens, My one true love, from the Phi-li-ppines She's so kind to others and so good to me I'll love her throughout all eternity! Vs.1 The first day I met her, she'd come from abroad, A marvelous gift that was sent here by God. Her beautiful long hair- so angelically... She looked like an angel... Standing right before me! Vs. 2 Her real name is Rose, which fits her for sure The most beautiful flower, romantic and pure. Always doing for others, so helpful and kind Doing things for herself- are not on her mind. VS. 3 She works before sunrise, and into the night Working so hard, with all of her might! Most of her money, she gives to the poor That's one of her qualities, I most adore. VS. 4 Sometimes I wonder, why I've been so blessed To have my Mahal, she's truly the best! I thank the Lord Jesus, for giving to me the one that I love, for e-ter-ni-ty! Chorus 2 (after verse 4) Mahal, Mahal, my beautiful Rose My wonderful wife... the one that I chose I've loved my Mahal- right from the start I'll love her forever with all of my heart!
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