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The Borderline
Fresh and modern Progrock/Metal from germany free from any borders combined by different styles to form an outstanding sound.
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Metal - Progressive Metal
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Sebastian Schleicher
Sebastian Schleicher
March 24, 2020
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The Borderline Seek, stalk, slay, feed my soul (Growl) I am out of control (Growl) Seek, stalk, slay, feed my soul (Growl) I am out of control (Growl) I am a sinner, a guardian of the evil (Clean) Sacrificing is a reward of the wicked (Clean) And grace for the living (Clean) Wake up my lord and release me from my suffering (Clean) Rise from the trenches of the underworld (Clean) You are my lord, my master (Growl) Keeper of the holy hords (Growl) Laying down to the hands of god (Growl) Surrounded by a puddle of blood (Growl) You are (Choir) Rivieve (Growl) You are (Choir) Rise (Growl) You are (Choir) Survive (Growl) Rise up now (Growl) Take your fate (Growl) Make your move (Growl) Defeat them all (Growl) Take my mind (Growl) Let me free (Growl) Flesh and bones (Growl) Eat my soul (Growl) Now you live your life alone (Clean) Free from your fear to die (Clean) Wash your hands in silence (Clean) Rest your head and close your eyes (Clean)
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