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Treaty 8
HipHop - Old School
Previous peak charts position #6
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #1
Layne Boman
Ratchet Radio Productions
March 22, 2020
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320 kbps bitrate
2:51 minutes
They call me Treaty 8 cause i came bring the peace, All across the land, the kids hear me in the beats Young natives gather round if you wanna hear a tale! A tale a bout love and pride that went so stale Well there was a young neechi man walkin through the trees, He came over a bend and oh guess what he sees? A young native woman so beautiful in his eyes He has to have this girl, she has to be his prize But he didn't realize time flies by so quickly Like the brown fox jumping dogs so swiftly Now the young woman went and married a young man This is one thing the young neechi couldnt understand He wonder if he wasnt good enough this girl? He wondered if he wasnt good enough for this world? He came to realize life aint fair and thats the way it is Matter of fact he found out that he might have a kid Now you might wonder where treaty 8 comes along? Well my boy treaty 8 was deep in my roots it was strong, Everywhere I went I never left the treaty Even when I went to edmonton, if you can believe me? Here is why you should care about what happens to our people Besides all the rappin we need to be all equals It doesnt matter whos on top, all that ranking needs to stop In the end of the line at the rez is where it hops. Bout father what about the little boy in the story? Why couldnt he find happiness or find glory? Well my son you not need to worry His situation like a storm its temporary The gift that he be giving to the world is brighter than a light He's gonna keep on doing whats right even if he has to take fight But he's in the clouds he already took flight, like a birdie You cant catch me, im layne jaine angel 8 mixed into (in-two)
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