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By the Way Redux
A 2020 update of a song originally written for fred, with a new set of lyrics instead of those written by the late Gary Rosenberg
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Joe DeCristopher (music and words)
Joe DeCristopher 1971
March 16, 2020
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Story behind the song
Gary originally wrote lyrics to my music, with the opening theme harmonized by violin, guitar and keys before David sang the vocal. Our recent political malaise prompted a lyrical rewrite for 2020.
More things change, more they stay the same Still we try, stuck in the same old game One day you're up, the next your down It's a drag to contemplate another clown None so blind as those who will not see Despite the glitz, another travesty Distorted image without imagination A leading cause of growing consternation "Great" 's a false goal, not one you can freeze in time Orange calf, decidedly bovine Bears false witness, constantly out of line Renews the swamp, perpetuates the slime