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Alternative - Grunge
Previous peak charts position #8
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #2
Copyright 2020 - JESUS OLDMAN
February 24, 2020
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3:52 minutes
Story behind the song
Okay, Sure. I'll bite. The story behind this one is.... I found it in the dream state... Yeah, walked into a room in an apartment I had in the dream, put on the stereo, it was playing, I said "Wow, this is me? Cool!" Then I woke up, recorded it. Began recording it anyway. Took a few days all told to make the record. Finished it, oh, half an hour ago; I was gonna wait till tomorrow, but it sounded so good that I said 'Nahhh, put that shit out NOW!' So I did. There. -Jesus
ANYTHING THAT MATTERS I'm I'm squeezing out another note I thought that was all that she wrote What a goat I'm old and I'm mad as a hatter You You wake me up as the sun Acts like it's all just begun What a pun Now write us anything that matters In case I've something to say Get it right anyway Soaking here where I shattered I keep on riding along Get it into the song Anything that matters You Got a fortress around your mind But a ladder sometimes they find What a grind It's one more commercial And you're prone there They Only care about getting their way There's no limit to shit that they'll say Anyway Pick up the pen and Write 'em all at home, yeah Well, I've been working it out Almost figured it out Eat some more, you'll get fatter Well, you can run away Leap of faith so you say On the X and go splat 1,2,3,4,5 Add a 6 and we fly If there's a revolution we gotta try Tell you why Insurance don't care If you live or die So Punch that socket wrench Bloody in to the hilt Fix up the house that Jack and Jill built Raise those stilts Watch out when it starts to tilt... -Guitar solo- I Used to hang my head and sigh Till you gave me a reason to cry When you died And left me to pick up the pieces And write a thesis, yeah Do you have something to say? Spit it out anyway Bring it hot from the kitchen No dress rehearsals here Cry it into your beer Or just quit your bitchin' They said I won't but I will I'm the fool on the hill Standing beaten and battered If you've got something to say Say it any old way Anything that matters Ha ha ha ha Oh Ha ha ha ha Oh... Copyright 2020 - JESUS OLDMAN