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A song to make them heard
Wich cup of warm chocolate milk are you? Inspired by Team-Kim, that provides information about child abuse to professionals, youth and children in The Netherlands from stories of experts (young adults) itself. Voice, guitar lead; Adriaan de Vries
Pop - Pop Rock
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Andy Kockelkoren
APJ Kockelkoren, Adriaan de Vries
January 15, 2020
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4:50 minutes
Story behind the song
How can an adult make a difference for an abused child. Sometimes little things mean a lot.
Just one look Just a glass of chocolate milk That was all that it took to change my view to show me something new You didnt solve my situation Didnt have any answer, solution But you gave me a feel The thought to be real That I am a person with value Its true You gave me a voice Gave me choice what do I need? You gave me a place Gave me grace And asked me; how to proceed Yeah, what about me, my heart, my brain Im not the only-one, now I know Its never too late to spend a word So dont hesitate to make us heard