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Farewell - Free Download
Basic Lease $35 - Wav Lease $45 - Premium Lease $85 - Unlimited Lease $200 - Purchase at https://kain05.beatstars.com or https://kain05.infinity.airbit.com - For questions contact kanecomeau87@outlook.com
Lease - $35
Instrumentals - Electro-hop
Charts #168 in subgenre today (peak #2)
Previous peak charts position #83
2019 Kane Comeau
January 11, 2020
MP3 8.7 MB
320 kbps bitrate
WAV 56.5 MB (untagged)
3:44 minutes
Story behind the song
Free download doesn't mean free beat. This download is free for non profit use. You may share and copy the work. You may not perform the work publicly or use commercially. You may not remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially. The original creator (Kane Comeau) retains all copyright. If you want to use the work in your commercial projects, you must purchase a license.
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