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Why The Written Word Is Still Important To Search
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April 22, 2019
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Visual search is on the rise as devices and search engines become adept at recognising and finding images. It can be tempting, therefore, to think that good quality copy is no longer needed from your London search engine optimisation company. While your website and its visuals get people through the door, it’s your content that encourages them to stay and walks them through the buying cycle. Here are some reasons why your London search engine optimisation company should use content to increase conversions. Firstly, written word provides information and this increases trust in your brand, stopping potential customers from walking away. Secondly, content is important for SEO optimisation as it provides information to answer questions and make the right purchasing decision. Finally, content acts as a signpost, taking you where you must go so you won’t get lost and leave the buying cycle out of frustration or loss of interest. But, all this relies on the content from your London search engine optimisation company being of good quality. It should be grammatically correct, spell checked, and presented in a way that customers won’t get sidetracked, lost, or bored.