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There is Rain
Song for Afghan Christians which may be recorded, performed or arranged without permission for benefit of Afghan Christians in Dari or Pashto languages
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Neil Sleevi
April 03, 2019
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There’s Rain Verse 1 There's rain which God sends down to us It gently, peacefully falls As mercy which encounters us And saves us once for all Refreshing moisture soaking Brings dew for every life There's reigning power flowing In those who drink of Christ. Chorus There’s rain for the thirst within There’s rain to bless our lives There’s rain to end the curse of sin By Jesus’ sacrifice Verse 2 God's perfect rain awakening Our dry and thirsty souls His favor brings salva-ation And righteousness takes hold His grace like streams of water Which saturate the earth Still raises sons and daughters Who find their second birth Chorus Bridge Lord, drench the furrows of our fields; Fill us O River of Delight. Your showers softly cleanse and heal O Lord, our Fountain of Life; Chorus