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The other side of the Universe
Single - $2.00
Alternative - Grunge
Previous peak charts position #135
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #7
Peter Kosta
Peter Kosta
August 01, 2017
MP3 11.9 MB
160 kbps bitrate
10:24 minutes
Story behind the song
This song is a fine example of the famous sound of the 80S/90s, when bands such as AEROSMITH OR EMINEM coined the scene. The creativity and creativity of the individual IS A NICE EXAMPLE WHICH BOTH GAVE US, EACH FOR DIFFERENT STYLE: ROCK AND RAP. In the meantime, "rock music" is a cheap discover or the competition for fast and badly produced preserve CAN music by Mr. Müller and Mrs. Mustermann, which reflect the dull everyday life of consumption and excess, boredom and automatism. The creativity and creativity of the individual of the 1970s has become the mass commodity of the assembly line of boredom, "music out of a can", which also clumsy non-musicians clash, reject and cheaply imitate instead of producing, they can not control anything Mixing as many rhythms and genres as you want, and not playing a single instrument yourself ... I hope this song is more like EMINEM AND AEROSMITH OR METALLICA OR BUSH LIKE style than today's FUCKING CHEAP PLAGIATISM STYLE.