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Night Ships of Mumbai
Haunting chorus and bittersweet verses convey the tragedy of young love destroyed by terrorism in Mumbai India.
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Frederick Serafim
Frederick Serafim
July 01, 2017
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Story behind the song
This fictionalized historical ballad features the November 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack, which was just as devastating as the 2011 attack but did not receive as much press due to the simultaneous stock market meltdown which overshadowed it.
She was just a sweet young girl from northtown And he a builder's son from the countryside They met one day in a senior class at Windermere And dated for the remainder of the year After graduation they divided And followed their careers away from there But they kept in touch and grew much fonder And met no others who could compare Ships in the night He was now in research, she a writer She dreamed of reporting the foreign press They met up for the marriage of a good friend Who looked so lovely in her wedding dress They talked and planned their future life together And spent a week in love far from the crowds They planned to meet again and then departed With their hearts afire flying above the clouds Ships in the night Suddenly the dream was sadly over Her mother phoned the news and began to cry On a fateful autumn day she was taken In a hail of bloody gunfire in Mumbai Ships in the night...
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