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A detective has been searching high and low for the despicable, murderous criminal. After a cat and mouse game that lasts for months, he has finally cornered the perp. For download wave and other format dreamwarrior.bandcamp.com/track/unforgivable
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Alternative - Avant Rock
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Carlo D'Anna
February 22, 2016
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320 kbps bitrate
4:45 minutes
Story behind the song
A tune about detective work and nabbing a terrible criminal. Fernandez guitar sustainer and Marshall Amps. Mellotron and moog
I Found You when you were trying to get away. I found you, your time is done today. You ran when you heard me comin' down the road. I found you...and I'm gonna make you pay! The things you did...Unbelievable, so unforgivable Your awful lies, Unbelievable, so unforgivable Your Beastly crimes, so horrible, unforgivable. In a cell you will be miserable, unforgivable.
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