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Goodbye Is Forever
Rock - Rock General
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R.T. Moore
April 13, 2004
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Story behind the song
I actually wrote this one as a ballad. My dad was in the hospital after a quintuple bypass. I didn't know if I'd ever see him alive again. My only thought was...(is goodbye forever?) Well when we were in studio, ready to record, the drummer & I were going over the song before the bass player arrived. She was having trouble with the slow tempo. We went over it a few times with trouble, finally she started the song at this tempo & I fooled around with it. Just then the bass player walked in and said "Good I need to rock out for a while... I like it! Well we ended up recording the song in both tempos. It was actually quite fun doing it both ways!
GOODBYE IS FOREVER WORDS AND MUSIC BY R.T.MOORE ‘Twas a long time ago or so it seems Now I only have you in my dreams If I’d only seen if I’d only known As each moment passes by it’s harder to believe That only moments ago you were here with me If I’d only seen if I’d only known Goodbye is forever I can see your smilin’ face I have held your helpin’ hand But nothin’ on GOD’S green earth can help me to understand Why I’m alone I’m so, so alone It didn’t use to be that way I remember hearin’ you say Now what am I what am I to do can’t spend the rest of my life without you I’m alone Oh so alone Yes goodbye is forever Now I can only say I believe I’m tellin’ you now oh dear Lord I believe I know it’s true hey now, hey now How can I go on without you Don’t say goodbye
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