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Clare Steffen
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Eugene, OR  United States https://nashvillecountry.hearnow.com/americana-patch-quilt Joined April 2020
A lyricist for cultural awareness and social change
I mostly consider myself a lyricist, but I do write a little music now and again as well as sing, and play guitar. I started the group Nashville Country in 2019, and we have produced three albums that focus on Country (traditional and contemporary), Americana, Bluegrass, and Celtic Music. I created a special project entitled, Round The Globe which has allowed me to work with musicians from Israel, Nigeria, Mexico, Portugal, Macedonia, North Wales, and various parts of the United States. My songs are written to share a message of encouragement, healing, and enlightenment. I am originally from Chicago, and so love the influences of Blues, R & B, and Jazz, as well as Celtic Music. We all need to have our spirits lifted from time to time, and I think music is one language that we all understand that allows us to connect and heal.
Spotlight Song
Many struggle with issues of mental health, substance use, relationship issues, and this song expresses the issues we feel when we cannot communicate, and are in need of a way to breakthrough.
When communication breaks down, and the words won't come, we are look for a way to breakthrough.