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USA Joined April 2014
Online club established by 2 long-standing Soundclick artists. Music challenges, themed players, artist interviews, discussions, info, news. ALL WELCOME!
Contact: Rodrica or Carlo at the Clickers Club for info. LATEST EVENTS: Currently: Any two songs from your playlist July and August MORE SONGS added - so keep checking back! September 5th - CLICKURIOUS SONG CHALLENGE! (See blog for details)
July/August - Any songs. September Challenge Jul 12
July/August Player can be found here: https://members.soundclick.com/member/playlist.cfm?memberID=6658796&playlistID=1193938 CURRENTLY: ANY 2 SONGS PLAYER JULY/AUGUST Leave your link to your Soundclick song by commenting on THIS Blog. CLICKURIUS SONG CHALLENGE - SEPTEMBER 5TH The next song Challenge will be September 5th (submissions between Sept 1st - 4th). The Player will be kept hidden until noon (UK time) on 5th September. Clickurious is a mysterious planet somewhere....out there! A place we can escape Earth's troubles and find mystery, intrigue, peace, beauty, captivating soundscapes and an awesome array of moons, stars and meteor showers. We have some quirky creatures roaming around, mind-blowing technology and magical capabilities. Everything is powered by the energy created by our songs. Rules: 1. Date is September 5th (noon UK time) - submissions between Sept 1st and 4th 2. 2 songs per artist maximum (collaborations count as separate artist) 3. Songs must be new songs or new to Soundclick, any genre or style, but must convey the subject. 4. Covers welcome if they are your own arrangement 5. We will upload a NEW BLOG on August 31st - leave your song links in the comments box to THE NEW blog between Sept 1st and 4th. We will issue instructions to new members on exactly how to submit entries when we upload the new blog on August 31st. You have a few weeks to prepare your masterpieces ready for take-off.