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Tony DeLecce
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Altoona, PA  USA Joined November 2003
Musical Hobbyist enjoys the Beatles, Jazz, Raspberries and Dan Fogelberg, Eagles any music with strong melodies and good harmonies. My music is heavily influen
I am a self taught hobbyist. I prefer that term over musician as I know some musicians and I am not one. I enjoy listening, playing and composing/producing music. It has been a great release for me and I have learned that anyone that has music in their life is not ever alone. It is a gift that I am glad I stumbled onto. I regret that I did not start playing an instrument when I was young rather than picking up a guitar when I was in college. I have been a Computer professional my whole life designing/programming software and I have always enjoyed my work because of the creative outlet it offers and that is the same thing I enjoy about music. I have made many friends through the years on sound click and I have enjoyed the whole process from listening to others music to offering and receiving tips/critiques and on some special occasions being able to collaborate with someone half the way around the world. What a game changer the internet is for all of us. And I will warn you ahead of time my musical tastes tilt heavily to the BRIT POP sound. As Eric Carmen once said I am in a rock n Roll time warp "NOT" trying to find a way to get out.
Spotlight Song
Nowhere Man
Cover of 1965 Nowhere Man. Definitely the most challenging song in terms of vocal harmonies I have ever attempted. And when I see them do this live it brings a whole new level of awe for me. A work in process Mixing/mixing vocal parts.