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Zak L
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Los Angeles, CA  USA Joined November 2008
The destination for "unconventional" music lovers.
Lyricist/Songwriter - and music aficionado. I have always though of myself as a creative spirit. It's something that I do organically, much like breathing. Whether it manifests itself in the form of writing, sketching, photography, or music... it's a form of expression. Music was the last creative process that I gravitated to, mainly because I have often wondered how someone could create a joyful noise that was capable of touching people's hearts. And, the other thing that drew me to music, is an overwhelming curiosity... that inspires me to unravel that mystical puzzle. For me, that exploration has just begun. _______ My music, as presented on Soundclick, is intended as an journey into various genres of music. Some conventional, and others a little more exotic in nature. With the emphasis being on creating projects that are multiple tapestries of sound, rather than a uniform collection of music. With that said, there's an unwritten POLKA out there... somewhere in my future! Thanks to all... who have taken the journey with me. __
what now... Aug 30, 2009
i've eaten myself out of the malaise... but now i think i'm going to be sick. : (