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Leonard Crow Dog Jr
Oakland, Ca  USA Joined March 2008
Born and raised in the Rosebud Indian Reservation south central South Dakota. Raised in the ways of the traditional. Come from a long line if chiefs and medicine men. Traveled around the country a lot as well as the world exposed to a whole lot of world and indigenous cultures. My first inspiration is my parents who were highly involved in the American Indian Movement AIM. But the main one who influences the way i talk first and foremost is my father. But the other huge influence in my way of writing and thinking is John Trudell. I make positive Native hip hop for the youth and try to influence them in a good way.
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Feb 05, 2009
Bug let the Great Spirit guide you brother. I'm so happy your on the right path. love you bro. Average J
Dec 21, 2008
lol..haha. I love the new songs! can't wait until you make another CD! I love you bro!