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Craig Sackh
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calabasas, CA  USA Joined August 2007
We invite you to take advantage of THEIR l MUSIC internet music portal! All of this under one roof! * Buy or Sell Gear Center * Artist Center * Industry Center * Classified Section * Music Tube * Vendor Center * Chat Rooms * Fan Club Utility * Featured Artist * Internet Radio * More Please Join Us NOW... http://www.theirmusic.com
Production Studio Available May 2, 2011
*Their l Music Production Team* is seeking HOT artists for projects and recording sessions! Los Angeles area Artists and Smooth Jazz Bands wanted! We are offering 'Free' recording time to select musicians or bands... (normally $25.00 - $35.00 per Hour) 2300 SQ FT Multi Room Facility Steinberg Cubase & Pro Tools Rigs Allen Heath Zed R16 16 Channel Board PRE's M-Audio 2626 Pre amps Art Series Pro Pre Amp W/Telefunken Tubes Blue Tube Dual Path W/Telefunken Tube Top of the line Fet and Tube mics: AKG Sennheiser Sterling Audio Marshal MXL Shure Audio 2000 Rode External Effects Rack Gear: DBX Compression Alto CLE Compression Lexicon Alesis TC Electronics Aphex Big Bottom Plugins: Waves Mercury Collection Waves API Collection Waves SSL Collection Waves GTR3 Lexicon Virtual Reverb Lexicon PMC84 Universal Audio 2.0 Card Amplitube Wave Arts 5.1 Guitar Rig 3 Antares Auto Tune Lots of Virtual Inst: Back Line Music Gear: Ovation - Kramer - Gibson - Fender - Jackson Guitars Mesa Boogie - Fender - Marshall Amps 5 Piece Maple Shell Drum Set - Pacific drums by DW Yamaha Motif 6 Key Video Gear: Panasonic DVX 100b Professional Cameras Professional Britek lighting rigs 2500 Digital Back Grounds Chroma Key Green Screen Intel Based Mac G-5 Editing Rig Lots of Color Gels Final Cut Pro Live Type Call us at 866.297.4942 Ext. 120 or e-mail us at info@theirmusic.com