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Kelly McKee
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Chicago, IL originally  USA www.facebook.com/kelly.mckee.9469 Joined October 2005
Politics?: Centrist Drink?: Im a connoisseur Lifestyle? Straight (Hetero) Want Kids?: Yeah, Someday
Favorite Quotes Jan 29, 2016
"Advertisements do not validate point of view." -a common viewpoint! "To be ignorant of what ocurred before you were born is to remain always a child" -Cicero "If people are not educated into their place in human history, they are rendered powerless, subject to passing fads and outlandish beliefs. They become vulnerable to the flattery of demagogues who promise heaven on earth, or they fall prey to the misconception that present-day events are unique, without precedent in history, or superior to everything that has gone before." -Matthews, Platt "To have known the best, and for the best, that is success in life" -John W. Mackay "Hollywood was still comparatively primitive. One day I looked out my bedroom window and saw a man running along the street and a policeman chasing him and shooting. The fugitive fell and a splotch of red appeared on the pavement. Wonderful, I thought, Hollywood realism. Then I noticed there wasn't any camera ..." -Dimitri Tiomkin "When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him." - Jonathan Swift "Sousa was no Beethoven. Nonetheless, he was Sousa." - Deems Taylor "There is nothing to it. You only have to hit the right note at the right time, and the instrument plays itself." - J.S. Bach "With respect to the theory of relativity it is not at all a question of a revolutionary act, but of a natural development of a line which can be pursued through centuries." - Albert Einstein