Dark mode
SoundClick Version 5
User-centered design. Mobile-friendly. Dark mode.
Artist pages reimagined
The large cover picture draws the user in, and is a great place to showcase your brand.
Play- and follow buttons are prominent, and always stay on screen.
SoundClick mobile
We are 100% mobile-friendly. Android, iPhone, iPad - you are guaranteed the same great experience.
One navigation to rule them all
Click the blue navigation button on top of every page. The redesigned navigation menu slides out.
Integrated player
The player slides out on plays, and stays when the user navigates around. Links to purchase singles and albums or to lease beats are prominently displayed.
Shopping cart
A streamlined shopping cart lets the user add multiple items, and automatically applies discounts.
Artist and member administration
Clean and crisp, the revamped administration makes it a breeze to manage your account.
New upload limits
Generous upload limits allow you to upload larger files.
Focus on playlists
Lovingly curated playlists are the essence of SoundClick. We now give them the attention they deserve. Follow playlists to make sure you get content that speaks directly to you. Or even better create your own and share the joy.
A search engine that rocks
Our tag-based search engine lets you even play the search results in a playlist.
Day and night
Version 5 features a dramatic dark mode by default. It looks beautiful and lets the images pop. But simply turn it off for the equally beautiful light mode.
Click the navigation or home button on top left to get started.
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