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Beats By Lugosi
Adelaide, Australia
December 14, 2005
1,089,569 plays
Post Punk Instrumentals,Darkwave Instrumentals, Goth Rock Instrumentals,Death Rock Instrumentals, ColdWave Instrumentals,RetroWave Instrumentals, New Wave 80s Synth Pop Type Instrumentals, EBM Instrumentals,Disco Punk Instrumentals, Sleazy Electro Alternative fetish club Sex Beat Type Instrumentals, Minimal Electro Type Instrumentals, since 2004 Also specializing in: BoomBap Hip Hop Instrumentals, Horrorcore instrumentals, Metal Rap Instrumentals, Club Banger rap instrumentals, Rapcore Instrumentals, --MCs/Rappers-- if you want to buy a beat with exclusive with stems, email me your best $ offer for consideration. ill send you a paypal invoice, after payment, i email you the download link to the folder and exclusive license agreement..and remove the beat from the page. its that simple. ORIGINAL INSTRUMENTALS PRODUCED BY ME FOR LICENSE FOR LEGAL COMMERCIAL USE FOR :- -VOCAL ARTISTS-SOLO ARTISTS for digital singles,digital album,cd,vinyl,cassette releases & performances/gigs. -DJS,-MCS,-Podcasts-webshows-Tv Shows-Tv Commercials -Live Performances-fashion modelling shows, -MOVIE SCORES,-SHORT FILMS,DOCOS,-DVDs -MUSIC FOR NETFLIX & ANY TYPE OF ONLINE PAID STREAMING SERVICE FILMS, IF YOU'RE A NEW OR ESTABLISHED VOCAL ARTIST & PERFORMER AND NEED ORIGINAL ROYALTY FREE INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC FOR YOUR NEXT SINGLE, OR E.P OR ALBUM,I CAN PROVIDE THE MUSIC FOR YOU! I am a Freelance Professional underground Independent International Music Instrumental Producer For Hire OVER 1 MILLION ORGANIC STREAMS! -New instrumental music produced and recorded by me added daily & weekly -custom order album and song production to suite your needs in the genres i provide. ---CHOOSE THE RIGHT LICENSE FOR YOUR NEEDS --EXAMPLES:- ----Basic---- $400 usd MP3 + WAV (NO STEMS - MIXED 24 BIT STEREO FILE) 5,000 sales (that means 5,000 CDs or Paid digital downloads without paying any royalty to the seller) 10,000 PAID streams 3 commercial uses Only (iTunes,Bandcamp,etc) Non-exclusive (lease) Publishing split=100% buyer ===================== ---Trackout----- $600 usd MP3 + WAV + Trackout (YOU GET THE STEMS) 10,000 sales (that means 10,000 CDs or Paid digital downloads without paying any royalty to the seller) Unlimited PAID streams 3 commercial uses Only (iTunes,Bandcamp,etc) Non-exclusive (lease) Publishing split=100% buyer ====================== ---Premium---- $800 usd MP3 + WAV + Trackout (you get the stems) 10,000 sales (that means 10,000 CDs or Paid digital downloads without paying any royalty to the seller) Unlimited commercial uses (itunes etc) Unlimited PAID streams Non-exclusive (lease) Publishing split=100% buyer ========================== ---Unlimited---- $1,500 usd MP3 + WAV + Trackout Unlimited sales Unlimited commercial uses (itunes etc) Non-exclusive (lease) Publishing split=100% buyer ====================== ---Exclusive---- $2,000 usd MP3 + WAV + Trackout Unlimited sales Unlimited sales Publishing split=100% buyer Full ownership-Instrumental removed from sale by me permanent. IF YOU WANT TO LEGALLY OWN THE INSTRUMENTAL OUTRIGHT, YOU CHOOSE THE ''EXCLUSIVE LICENSE'' & YOU GET GRANTED FULL OWNERSHIP OF THE MASTER FILES / STEMS. - THE INSTRUMENTAL IS YOURS FOR LIFE,,FOR FULL PROFIT UNLIMITED ROYALTY FREE USE & REMOVED FROM SALE FROM MY SITE & BY ME PERMANENTLY. NO ONE ELSE GET'S TO OWN THE INSTRUMENTAL! you will have full ownership and full unlimited use. Not excluding/with standing any other existing lease holder there may be prior to exclusive purchase.(i can let you know if there is or isn't) (contact me if this is what you require , NOTE FOR SAFETY REASONS AND ONLINE PROTECTION OF THEFT OF STEMS/FILES -i will then in real time track out all of the project stems at my studio and upload the project folder containing the stems to the instrumental here to my site where the purchase can be made legally ,safely,securely and completed through the soundclick page..and you can download your newly owned song and all its individuals tracks/stems...only with exclusive purchase & sale of a license you get the full project/song stems...and unlimited royalty free use. - typical turn around time for this is 24 hours. im on it. Dont Stress. **************************************************** These instrumentals are un mastered versions,but are mixed to a acceptable industry standard. after purchase you can re name the instrumental and call it what ever you like for your song or if using for a film/game use the title as is,with credit. and get your song mastered by a 3rd party..(ask me and i can recommend someone for you if you are in the post punk or goth or dark wave genres.) Step up to the plate,invest in yourself & project for high quality original music for next album or single or your films and games made by a seasoned pro with over 16 years in the INDUSTRY SELLING INSTRUMENTALS ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Some quick credentials. I've also attended S.A.E Audio Engineering College (WORLD RENOWNED / KNOWN) have mixed live bands in my town in club/pubs. run my own studio recording dozens of local bands and artists. i'm not some low grade uneducated trap producer from the hood with a laptop that have all flooded the market with crap...ok.. i play drums,bass guitars,keys & compose, produce , program, sequence & record all my own music, ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I own all the master files and have all the master stems/individual tracks to the music on this page,because i made it all,only i can offer this,. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ALL MUSIC WRITTEN,PERFORMED,COMPOSED,PROGRAMMED,RECORDED BY BEATS BY LUGOSI AKA VIN LUGOSI (C) 2020 -After Purchase You Get To Down Load The Un-tagged Vocal Free 24 bit Stereo Wav Versions!!! (please check your spam filter if you do not receive your instrumentals with in 24 hours-some filters catch the download link) ITS SIMPLE TO PURCHASE MY INSTRUMENTALS..IN JUST 3 CLICKS! stream,purchase & download from my player directly to your device,so simple! instant download after payment! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Note:- please make sure you safely backup your instrumentals & or files after purchase on several drives or USB sticks for safe keeping ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ -Exclusive Original instrumentals once sold will no longer be sold to anyone else, a member of soundclick since 08/29/2004, A NAME YOU CAN TRUST NOT SOME FLY BY NIGHTER OR MOONLIGHTER..
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Horror / Grindhouse / Camp / Sci Fi / Occultism /Sleaze / Dark Humor / Postmodernism /Pastiche / Retro Style & Fashion,1970s,1980s Subculture, Gothic / Post-Punk / Darkwave / Punk Rock Rock N Roll / Coldwave / 80s Electro / Hip Hop 80s Synth Pop / Grunge / Blues / 90s Rap Stoner Rock / Stoner Metal Experimental New Wave / ++ Vhs,Cassettes,Cds,Vinyl,Vampires,Doomsday Cults, Cult Leaders,The Underworld,Unsolved Mysteries, Myths And Legends,Illuminati,True Crime,Love, Pain,Heartache,Life,Redemption,Hope,Death & The Great Beyond.The Colour Black, Dancing... +++ Johnny Cash,Iggy Pop,Lou Reed,Lee Ving,Psycho Mike,Nick Cave,Thurston Moore,Glenn Danzig,David Bowie,Billy Idol,Charlie Sexton,Joe Strummer, Mick Jones,Ian Curtis, Peter Murphy,Dave Gahan,Mark Mothersbaugh, Peter Gabriel,Feargal Sharkey,John Lyndon,Dave Vanian, Butch Vig,Steve Albini,DK,The Faction,Fear,Brian Wilson,Phil Spector, Casey Chaos,Stewart Copeland,Hubert Kah,Vince Clarke,Martin Gore, Paul Banks,Jim Morrison,Jello Biafra,Julian Casablancas,Ian MacKaye, Guy Picciotto,Oliver Chesler,Tom Smith,Mark Arm,Alex Kapranos, Ric Ocasek,Benjamin Orr,Brandon Flowers,Gavin Rossdale, Dean & Gene Ween,Alison Moyet,Siouxsie And The Banshees, Early Madonna, ++ Sonny Jim,Leafdog,The Ghost of Tesla,Soul Assasinss,Action Bronson, Cage,Goretex,Ill Bill,Rza,R.O.D,Simkin Heights,Grave Diggaz,Smutt Pedlers,Non phixion,Brotha Lynch Hung,jus allaH,Jedi Mind Tricks,Beastie Boys, Mf Doom,Harry Fraud,The Alchemist,Rick James,Quincy jones,Dr Dre,9th Wonder, Ice Ts early stuff, ++ She Wants Revenge,She Past Away,Rendez-vous,Lebanon Hanover,Placebo,Pet Shop Boys,The Soft Kill,The Soft Moon,The Frozen Autumn, Ritual Veil,CLAN OF XYMOX,Alien Sex Fiend,Nosferatu,Suspiria, Depeche Mode,Visage,Borghesia,The Cure (pornography era) OMD,Giorgio Moroder,New Order,LowLife,Chicks On speed, Falco,kraftwerk,Early Prince,Simple Minds,Eurythmics,White Lion,Talk Talk,Gary Numan, ++ Sonic Youth,Nirvana,Green River,Black Devil Disco Club,Metal Urbain,The Damned, And you will know us by the trail of the dead,Leonard Cohen,Devo, Joy Division,Henry Rollins,The Clash, Blondie,Misfits,Smashing Pumpkins, R.e.m,P.I.L, T.S.O.L, ++ John Carpenter,Abel Ferrara,Buddy Giovinazzo,Joe Spinell, Daro Agento,Lucio Fulci,David Cronenberg,David Lynch,Kevin Smith,Tom Savini, Larry David,Tarantino,Bill Murray,Edgar Allan Poe,Nicolas Tesla, Hunter S Thompson,William Burroughs,Udo Kier,
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