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Do you feel like screaming at all of this wailing Christmas Music in Supermarkets at the moment? Or am I being like Scrooge?
As Time Goes By
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Musica para el patio
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Rhondda Rhapsody ar gyfer Piano
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Just The Way You Look Tonight
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England, United Kingdom
February 08, 2017
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Hello! . . . testing, 1, 2, 3, Ah there you are. I can't actually see you but I know you are there. I know they greet people with a question in the USA so "how are you"? You want to know something musically about me? really? Oh I'm just a rapidly ageing "babyboomer". From age 14 to 31 I was a very busy and in-demand Pianist. Then I'd had enough of it all and started a Business with my wife and that was it for years and years. We brought up kids, bought houses, drove gas guzzling cars and stuff just like all babyboomers generation! I then started wanting to make music again. The plastic keyboard stuff was easy, but when I sat down at a weighted 88 Piano for the first time in 25 years it was quite a shock !!!!! But I can now play Chopsticks Waltz with two fingers so it's getting better . . .
Band/artist history
Soundclick asks: "How did I get where I am now"? Er, - by not smoking, not drinking, by active physical pursuits and taking the tablets the doctor wants me to have I guess. I also have regular bowels.
What equipment do you use?
Equipment? Ah, none of this new fangled stuff for me. I don't use computer dots, or samples. Although someone gave me some samples of vacuum cleaner de-odouriser the other day - but I don't make music with these. No, I believe in giving myself elbow, wrist and backache by playing a real fully weighted piano as much as possible, plus these little plastic Clavioline devices they call keyboards. I also have an old piano accordion that leaks as much wind as a dog that has eaten a can of baked beans. I wanted to buy an old Hammond Aurora Organ similar to the one I played in a shop in Llandudno, Wales in 1977; but my wife said she was not having such a huge piece of junk in the house and there were probably rats and mice living inside it! I had to buy her a new electric bike to make up for this.
Anything else?
Ah well, that's my little Soundclick speech all done for now. My name is Tony by the way and we live in what is known as the Staffordshire Peak District in England. Big local lake, cycleways, walking trails and all that stuff . . .
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