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Tony William
Tony William
Retired Pianist, Magician. Welcome to visitors from: YouTube, Vimeo, Casio Forum, Soundcloud, pianistonline.uk and Tumblr. Cheers Guys!
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Tea For 2
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1924 Vincent Youmans (PD) Piano overlaid with Vibes.
Charles Williams - The Dream of Olwen
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Musica para el patio
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We May Never Ever Meet again
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Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom
February 08, 2017
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A DOSE OF REALISM: Music can be a mug's game . . . only if you are at the right place at the right time, or know the right people will you succeed - with very few exceptions! I have no regrets leaving Music in my 20s to concentrate on MAGIC for family and children's audiences. We lived a working life far in excess of anything Music could have given us - both in love and feedback and in our high standard of living; we toured provincial theatres, holiday parks, schools and private functions with Cabaret Marionettes and Magic. I am only a "mechanical magician" (one relying on pre-designed equipment). But PRESENTATION is the key to success for Magicians. Soundclick is a wealth of undiscovered talent (alongside quite a lot of crap!). But this is what life is about. There is no "yellow brick road" . . . Ok, - well I'm quite pleased with myself for having lost nearly 2 stone in weight during lockdown with walking and cycling, and working out with a punchbag, weights, Bullworker etc. Not eating any white bread too. So I find quite a lot more energy in reserve now. At the moment we are awaiting the Astra Zeneca/Oxford vaccine - bring it on! - but we'll still be very cautious in 2021. My wife's 92 year old father has had the Pfizer vaccine - thank goodness. We are parents and grandparents and have family in Stoke On Trent, England and Madrid, Spain; plus older relatives in Manchester and Cheshire UK - some of whom I know, and others I know not. We live in a nice fresh air and outdoor pursuit area called Staffordshire Moorlands, with a Lake, hiking, cycling, walking etc. This virus must be awful for apartment City dwellers such as my family in Madrid, Spain. It will be a long while before we hop on a jet to there. If you know me (us), don't hesitate to drop us a line at whitepiano@protonmail.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes - my entire life, mostly as a performing Magician for Kids and Family Audiences.
What equipment do you use?
Yamaha Digital Piano and various commercial top-end Keyboards. I've always used Audacity, and just add a bit of reverb and compression as needed. I have no knowledge whatsoever of making music any other way. I just use Soundclick, although have a few 1979 recordings on Soundcloud (link below). I've done the Tunecore stuff and been on Spotify, i-Tunes, Amazon, Napster and places, - I find it of no value really.
Anything else?
SEARCH ENGINE STUFF: Anthony, Pianist, Joan Bates Dancing School, Stockport. Resident Pianist, Pontins Prestatyn Sands, 1977-78-79 (Maureen Kenny was Lyons, SueM has been searching for you for years. E-Mail me whitepiano@protonmail.com I'm also in contact with ColinG. Any other Blues out there? Check out Jazz Pianist Eugene Portman too. Also do a search for Pontins on SOUNDCLOUD. I have some 1979 Snowdonia Lounge recordings on there with communal singing :) Pianist from Heaton Norris, Stockport. The Alan Anthony Set Band, Manchester. What became of Geordie jazz drummer Ron "Ronnie" Arnold? (Manchester and Cheshire).
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